How to Dye Synthetic Wigs

Dying synthetic wigs calls for a different approach from dying human hair. Human hair holds pigments whereas synthetic wig does not. This is because of the synthetic fiber makeup of the hair. Regular hair dyes cannot be used on synthetic wigs - an all-purpose or fabric dye is recommended instead. While carrying out the dying, it has to be ensured that the color does not come in contact with the lace and precise instructions should be followed to ensure it's being done right.

Many women love to wear synthetic lace wigs which of recent has become a fashion trend. It makes a fashion statement when you buy a lace wig, and you should be able to select from a variety of colors. But what if you are unable to find your choice color? It happens often, and in cases like this, you can opt to contact the manufacturers of the wig. If it happens you are unable to return the hair, or you are just tired of its plain old color, then you can change it by dying it to any color of your choice.

While dying synthetic hair it is usually advised to have all the right materials to ensure the process goes relatively smoothly. Stains can be avoided by wearing old clothes and covering the working areas with old newspapers. Some of the materials needed may include rubber gloves, face masks—to limit inhalation of dye chemicals, synthetic hair dye. Also, synthetic hair coloring brush and plastic bowl for mixing the dye. A wide tooth plastic comb can be used together with or in place of the synthetic hair coloring brush to ensure even distribution of the dye color on the hair during the drying process.

Failure to wear protective masks and rubber gloves would mean inhalation and contact with harsh chemicals. The dying process should be carried out in a well-ventilated room to avoid excessive contact with the dye chemicals. When buying synthetic hair, it is advised to go for the products with strands distributed evenly throughout the hair piece. Also note that when dying synthetic hair, the original color to a large degree determines the result. White or blonde synthetic hair is quite easy to dye to much darker colors. But dark synthetic hair cannot be dyed to a lighter or white color.

If for any reason, you are uncomfortable with coloring your wig, no matter what type of wig it is, you should feel free to visit a professional lace front wig stylist to get it done. Many wigs manufacturers recommend returning the wig to get it dyed professionally because of the chemical process carried out in the production of these wigs. Damaging your wig while dying actually, means having to get a new one.
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