How to Wash Synthetic Wigs

Your hair is an investment in looking and feeling good, if you have spent a chunk of money on a beautiful wig, then it's mandatory to carry out special care and use products that make it look best. Now you have finally decided on choosing the perfect hair for you, to get the best out of it, you have to learn how to care for exactly your type of hair to make it beautiful for as long as possible. The outfit from where you bought your wig can instruct you on exactly how to care for it. Writing down those set of instructions is the first step to proper hair care. To be able to give the best care to your synthetic wig you should know what type of hair and cap the wig is made from, the schedule for cleaning, special products needed, dos and don'ts.

Depending on your daily lifestyle, washing your wig should take place at least twice a week. If you partake in sporting activities, live in a hot, humid area, work out, etc. you may want to wash your hair more than two times a week. Washing instructions;

Start out gently combing your synthetic hair from end to scalp with a wide tooth comb. This detangles the hair before the washing proceeds. Always ensure to use only cool water on synthetic wigs.

Fill a bucket or bathtub with enough water to submerge your wig and swish the wig through the water, from end to end. Pour the dosage of the recommended special wig care shampoo into the water and swish your wig through the same waterway as before. To avoid tangling try to keep the hair going in only one direction at a time.

To rinse dunk the wig into a bucket of crystal clear water or hold under a faucet of water flowing in the same direction as the wig. Fill up the sink and dissolve the conditioner thoroughly, repeat the swishing and rinsing until the water runs clear. Lay the wig and gently roll up a towel inside until dry, avoid rubbing—this leads to an entangled hair.

Start out gently combing your synthetic hair from end to scalp with a wide tooth comb. This detangles the wet wig. Put the synthetic wig on a head stand to dry.

Synthetic wig needs to be removed at night. Removing at night enables it to retain its integrity, as well as its style and shape as friction from the pillow, might tangle its ends. The best way to care for your synthetic wig is being gentle - avoid tangling your hair as much as possible, and you will get the best of it.

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