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    How to Defrizz Synthetic Hair

    How to Defrizz Synthetic Hair

    How to Defrizz Synthetic Hair

    What is Synthetic Hair?

    Synthetic wigs

    It is made out of fine plastic strands, fabricated to look like human hair. In its fundamental shape, engineered hair is produced using poor quality acrylic that is warmed and hung into strands to make singular hair filaments. The strands are then bound or tied into augmentations and hairpieces.

    With mechanical advances, manufactured hair has made considerable progress lately. Now and again it is hard to differentiate - the denier and surface are to such an extent that they feel practically like human hair. In actuality, with the higher quality manufactured like Rechoo, you could never know they were not a characteristic human hair on the off chance that you didn't have the human hair ideal beside it to look at!


    What is 360 Lace Frontal?

    Indeed, This 360 lace frontal wig with groups just gives the choice of having the capacity to style your hair the way you need all around not only the front. These Lace Frontals will fit any standard medium wig top size wearing ladies (fundamentally 22-22.5" in the circuit).With 4 crawls to the front and 2 creeps towards the back. This isn't a wig, however, can be utilized to make a wig or for a hair weave, you simply add the packs to the center. It circumvents the entire head so you can place it in a pigtail and part anyplace as well. All hand-tied and dyed bunches with the characteristic hairline.

    Rechoo is the perfect place where you can easily have synthetic hairs in a categorised way like, Synthetic Wigs (Curly, Wavy, Yaki, Straight, Short, and Long) and Lace Front Wigs (Bob, Gray, Pink, Ombre, African American wigs, Blonde, Black, Purple, Blue, and Red).

    To maintain synthetic hairs form frizzing is something that you must do such things like washing, conditioning, drying, and styling before they look ratty. So, here are some of best instructions to keep your hair from frizzing.


    Instructions to Keep Synthetic Hair from Frizzing:

    1. Remember to brush hair by utilizing a fragile swarm make sure to brush and expel any tangles a few periods consistently. Too, you ought to dependably do this before washing it.

    2. Buy a best quality cleanser or conditioner that really works pleasantly on man-made hair. It is conceivable to talk with your hairdresser about things extraordinary for you and your hair kind. Talk about the directions for man-influenced locks, to utilize the shampoos that contain little liquor or any of common fixings.

    3. Before washing wet your hair gradually. To finish this, get water in your grasp and wrists or even a hairbrush and deal with your hands and fingers/hairbrush by your head of hair. The Clip in hair extensions Guide expresses that simulated hair is significantly more went away than your typical hair, bringing about it to extend, tangle and frizz when a lot of ordinary water is utilized in the meantime.

    4. Scrub hair downwards, working in the crown of the hair end to the hair root. Once your hair dries, this will decrease the potential for frizzing. Likewise, forestall rubbing hair went away by utilizing a material while you are closed purging it. This produces unneeded frizz and issues to both your actual and man-made hair.

    5. Trim bunched up closes. Uneven, tangled and hitched closures can influence your expansions to look harmed and unkempt. Trim off the finishes when they begin to look awful. It will in a split second resuscitate the look of the hair and improve its look.

    6. Prevent actualizing undesirable temperature or synthetic substance stock from your hair. This can bring down the long existence of your own hair expansions and may realize noteworthy frizzing. This incorporates blow drying out, fixing irons, perms, and shading.

    7. Rub some oil onto your expansions and go it over. At the point when your expansions begin to look dry or without sheen, rub lightweight oil, for example, jojoba oil through the hair. Abandon it for 60 minutes and after that wipe off abundance oil by smudging with a towel. In the event that essential, wash out the abundance with a touch of mellow cleanser and flush.

    Most manufactured augmentations are normally shinier than a human hair, so just do this on the off chance that they seem dull.

    How to Keep Synthetic Wigs from Tangling

    How to Keep Synthetic Wigs from Tangling

    Wigs are a great option if you intend to try new styles or would want to override any of the challenges with hair that you have. They can either be made from natural human hair or from synthetic material, the later providing a wide variety of styles compared to the natural hair wigs. If your inclination is to try on various varieties of hair styles and not to burn up your pockets, synthetic hair wigs are the better option.

    You really like a wig and get it home, and now come the challenge. As you use it, you notice that the wigs get tangled much more than your natural hair. The scalp of our head produces natural oils which help our hair not to tangle; with no such option available for the wigs they do get tangled. The synthetic wigs aren’t any different from the natural hair wigs in this case and even they do get tangled. However, by taking care of few things one would be able to easily maintain tangle free synthetic wigs. So when you think of getting a synthetic wig, it is important to know how to keep a synthetic wig from tangling.

    Tangling, although unavoidable largely depends on the quality of the product i.e. in the way it is made, the materials used etc. So it is important that one buys a wig of good quality from a good brand like Rechoo. Once you buy a good wig, ensure that you go through the instructions for maintenance which are provided along with the product. Knowing these and following them diligently are important for proper maintenance of your synthetic wig. Now with these two aspects being clear let us know understand how to keep a synthetic wig from tangling. Before we go about with this it is good to keep handy the products that we need to maintain a wig like a wig friendly comb, a synthetic wig shampoo, synthetic wig comb, a live in conditioner etc.

    Combing: The first prerequisite for combing is to have the right comb. There are combs specifically made for synthetic wigs. It is advised to invest on such a comb as the material used is different from natural hair. Using a synthetic hair comb helps you to prevent split hair which in turn is a primary reason for tangling hair. It is advised to use a synthetic wig spray before you comb the hair. This acts as a lubricant and helps to easily untangle the hair and smoothes it for combing. The best way to cob is to start from the hair ends and work it up until the scalp which would prevent tangling.

    Washing: The wigs tend to collect dust and other alien particles as we move around. They require to be cleaned up which apart from being unhygienic also are causes for the tangling of the hair. Most of the synthetic wigs especially the good quality ones like from Rechoo, can be washed. The product would contain the guidelines how to wash the wigs but there are some generic ways to go about with this. Ensure that cold water is used (Hot water would affect any of the curls or other ascents in the wigs). Add synthetic wig shampoo to the water and immerse the wig into it and soak for couple of minutes. This would help in softening and loosing up of the debris and to reduce the intensity of the rubbing required.

    Another important aspect that one needs to know in keeping a synthetic wig from tangling is, when not using place the wing on the head or the stand that is generally given when you buy a wig. If this is not there, ensure to find a suitable stand where you can keep the wig when not in use.

    How to Curl Synthetic Lace Front Wigs

    How to Curl Synthetic Lace Front Wigs

    Despite how much you love the human hair, you've got to admit that you can't afford it now, maybe. But then you've got your old and ratty synthetic wigs. And you probably don't know how to restyle them to fit. We're got this article to help you curl them and save yourself from embarrassment and money crisis.

    What are Synthetic Wigs?

    You're almost certainly asking – what are synthetic wigs? Unlike the human hair which is gotten from actual human hair that is garnered and sanitized, the synthetic wig is made from fiber which goes through modern technology. The last ten years have brought tremendous improvement to the sales and use of synthetic wigs. Why? Because they sometimes look like human hair in their different colors, brands, and types. You can barely ever find it easy differentiating it from the human hair. Again, it has waves that stick and curls that are permanent and unaffected by the weather. The best plus of all is that it is easy to afford.


    Why Curl your Synthetic Wigs?

    Synthetic wigs usually don't last for more than four to six months. They are unlike the human hair wigs that you can use for more than a year. Since the synthetic wigs are not as versatile as human hair wigs, you get stuck with the same curls, the same style.
    But guess what? There's an exception. You can straighten or curl synthetic wigs which are heat friendly. They are hairpieces that can withstand heat from styling tools. Most synthetic wigs lose their fiber when you expose them to heating tools.


    Tools for Curling

    1. Manikin head (or your head)
    2. Synthetic lace front wig
    3. Rollers or Foam wraps
    4. Clips or clamps
    5. Large bowls or bathroom sink
    6. Pins or rubber bands
    7. Boiling water
    8. Big combs and brushes
    9. Flexi Rods
    10. Towels

    Curling Process

    • Wear the wig on your head or the manikin head.
    • Separate the hairs with a brush from the end to the top.
    • Then you section off the hair in rollers or foam wraps.
    • Next, pull two or three of the rolled hair, brush and wrapped around a Flexi rod from end to top.
    • Do this to every rolled hair, twist and lock the Flexi rods.
    • Boil water afterward and wait till it's boiled. 
    • Pour into a large bowl or bathroom tub and throw the wig into it.
    • Leave in for about 20 minutes. 
    • Afterward, bring out and mop off the water with a towel, or dry on the manikin for natural air drying. 

    Useful Tips

    Tada! I proudly present to you your curled synthetic lace front wig! Take note of these important tips though.

    • If you want firm curls, allow the hair to get dry before you comb it.
    • If you want loose curls, use your finger to separate the hair while it's still warm.
    • Always try this out with an old wig first.
    • Other heating tools include heat rollers, flax iron, curling iron or even a steam setter. For the best results though, I'll advise hot water and the Flexi iron.

    To wrap it up, when you've restyled your wigs, start rocking your brand new looks. Above all, save yourself and your girlfriends, of course, some cash.
    I hope you've found this article very insightful. If you need more help with synthetic wigs, feel free to contact us, and always read our posts.

    How to Dye Synthetic Wigs

    How to Dye Synthetic Wigs

    Dying synthetic wigs calls for a different approach from dying human hair. Human hair holds pigments whereas synthetic wig does not. This is because of the synthetic fiber makeup of the hair. Regular hair dyes cannot be used on synthetic wigs - an all-purpose or fabric dye is recommended instead. While carrying out the dying, it has to be ensured that the color does not come in contact with the lace and precise instructions should be followed to ensure it's being done right.

    Many women love to wear synthetic lace wigs which of recent has become a fashion trend. It makes a fashion statement when you buy a lace wig, and you should be able to select from a variety of colors. But what if you are unable to find your choice color? It happens often, and in cases like this, you can opt to contact the manufacturers of the wig. If it happens you are unable to return the hair, or you are just tired of its plain old color, then you can change it by dying it to any color of your choice.

    While dying synthetic hair it is usually advised to have all the right materials to ensure the process goes relatively smoothly. Stains can be avoided by wearing old clothes and covering the working areas with old newspapers. Some of the materials needed may include rubber gloves, face masks—to limit inhalation of dye chemicals, synthetic hair dye. Also, synthetic hair coloring brush and plastic bowl for mixing the dye. A wide tooth plastic comb can be used together with or in place of the synthetic hair coloring brush to ensure even distribution of the dye color on the hair during the drying process.

    Failure to wear protective masks and rubber gloves would mean inhalation and contact with harsh chemicals. The dying process should be carried out in a well-ventilated room to avoid excessive contact with the dye chemicals. When buying synthetic hair, it is advised to go for the products with strands distributed evenly throughout the hair piece. Also note that when dying synthetic hair, the original color to a large degree determines the result. White or blonde synthetic hair is quite easy to dye to much darker colors. But dark synthetic hair cannot be dyed to a lighter or white color.

    If for any reason, you are uncomfortable with coloring your wig, no matter what type of wig it is, you should feel free to visit a professional lace front wig stylist to get it done. Many wigs manufacturers recommend returning the wig to get it dyed professionally because of the chemical process carried out in the production of these wigs. Damaging your wig while dying actually, means having to get a new one.

    How to Wash Synthetic Wigs

    How to Wash Synthetic Wigs

    Your hair is an investment in looking and feeling good, if you have spent a chunk of money on a beautiful wig, then it's mandatory to carry out special care and use products that make it look best. Now you have finally decided on choosing the perfect hair for you, to get the best out of it, you have to learn how to care for exactly your type of hair to make it beautiful for as long as possible. The outfit from where you bought your wig can instruct you on exactly how to care for it. Writing down those set of instructions is the first step to proper hair care. To be able to give the best care to your synthetic wig you should know what type of hair and cap the wig is made from, the schedule for cleaning, special products needed, dos and don'ts.

    Depending on your daily lifestyle, washing your wig should take place at least twice a week. If you partake in sporting activities, live in a hot, humid area, work out, etc. you may want to wash your hair more than two times a week. Washing instructions;

    Start out gently combing your synthetic hair from end to scalp with a wide tooth comb. This detangles the hair before the washing proceeds. Always ensure to use only cool water on synthetic wigs.

    Fill a bucket or bathtub with enough water to submerge your wig and swish the wig through the water, from end to end. Pour the dosage of the recommended special wig care shampoo into the water and swish your wig through the same waterway as before. To avoid tangling try to keep the hair going in only one direction at a time.

    To rinse dunk the wig into a bucket of crystal clear water or hold under a faucet of water flowing in the same direction as the wig. Fill up the sink and dissolve the conditioner thoroughly, repeat the swishing and rinsing until the water runs clear. Lay the wig and gently roll up a towel inside until dry, avoid rubbing—this leads to an entangled hair.

    Start out gently combing your synthetic hair from end to scalp with a wide tooth comb. This detangles the wet wig. Put the synthetic wig on a head stand to dry.

    Synthetic wig needs to be removed at night. Removing at night enables it to retain its integrity, as well as its style and shape as friction from the pillow, might tangle its ends. The best way to care for your synthetic wig is being gentle - avoid tangling your hair as much as possible, and you will get the best of it.