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    How to — ombre hair

    How to DIY Ombre Clip in Hair Extensions

    How to DIY Ombre Clip in Hair Extensions

    How to DIY Ombre Clip in Hair Extensions

     ombre clip in hair extensions

    Ombre Hair Extension offers tremendous benefits to its users. No wonder it is the preferred choice for lots of women. Ombre hair extensions are made from 100% human hair, thereby giving it a natural look. Also, they are able to blend with the natural hair without the difference being spotted. Ombre Hair does not also get entangled as they are made from human hair that is straight and parallel. Heat can also be applied to them without any harm being done to it.


    This tutorial will be teaching you how to DIY ombre clip in hair extension. Without further ado, let's go on with it!


    Of course, the first thing you have to do is to buy your hair extensions. There are several dealers of hair extension, but Rechoo is among the finest of them. Rechoo offers some of the best quality ombre hair extensions that are on the market. The hair extension can come with free clips in the package. The hair can also come pre-colored.


    The extension will likely be too thin, meaning you will have to glue a few wefts together to create a thicker-looking hair so it matches the natural hair on which you want to use it.


    -The first step is to apply glue to the wefts of the first layer of extension. You should wait until the glue gets tacky before flipping over the hair to add the second layer.


    -When the two layers are attached. You should apply more pressure by working your fingers all through the weft.


    -Repeat the same thing again until you have three wefts glued together.


    -You can use a regular hair bonding glue, which is affordable and can be found very easily in most hair shops.


    -You have to be patient and careful while applying your glue, so as not to make a mess of things.


    Next is to apply the clips.


    -Apply a thin layer of hair glue to the wefts first, then apply a thin layer of nail glue and then apply the clip to the wefts. You will have to squeeze and press to ensure the clip is firmly attached to the wefts


    -You should apply as much pressure as you can. You wouldn't want the clip to fall off while wearing it.


    -Repeat the process again for the next clip; a thin layer of hair glue. A thin layer of nail glue. And then apply your clip.


    -Once the clip is glued to the wefts you will have to start opening and closing it, to make sure it is flexible enough for you.


    NOTE: It is worthy to note that simply gluing three wefts together makes it a little thick. Therefore, you should not apply too much glue while attaching the clip, so it won't make it too thick. For some people, the thickness may not an issue, but it is still important that you know this.


    Now, this is a quick run through on how to apply it to your hair.


    -First of all, you will have to part your hair. You don't necessarily have to do it in any specific way. You simply have to measure it out.


    -Next is to apply the center clip. It may require a little teasing of the hair, but it should clip right in without much trouble.


    -Secure them by applying a bit of pressure.


    -You can do this for as many extensions as you have.


    -After applying the extension make sure you leave enough hair on top so as to cover the weft nicely so none of the tracks can easily be seen.


    Your next aim is to make sure the extension blends with your natural hair.


    -In order to make sure the extension blends with your natural hair, you would have to trim it. This not only makes it blend but helps give it a natural look.


    -To make the extension and your hair blend, even more, you can apply curls to your natural hair, giving it a few waves so it matches the waves of the extension. You can do this with a hair stretcher.


    -You can then finger comb it to make sure everything blends together.