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    How To Make A Ponytail With Clip In Hair Extensions?

    How To Make A Ponytail With Clip In Hair Extensions?

    How To Make A Ponytail With Clip In Hair Extensions?


    It’s no secret that every woman wants thick, shiny and gorgeous looking locks! Professionals say you should get your hair trimmed on a regular basis, your doctor says you should drink more water and eat healthier foods and your mom says you should take your vitamins every day. Well, guess what, none of them are wrong! But sometimes no matter what we try we still need a little helping hand in the form of extensions and wigs. They have become somewhat of a staple in our beauty regime for a night out on the town. Whether it’s a clip in hair extension piece, a tape in extension strip, a fully-fledged wig or the more permanent professional hair extensions, hair extensions do wonder. Rechoo online has a gorgeous selection of both full wigs and clip in extensions so take a look.


    If you are unsure as to which ones are suitable for you, here is a little more information on each type of extension…


    Tape in and Clip in extensions:


    These are great if you are working on a budget, that being said they by no means look cheap and nasty! They are the perfect accessories to add volume to your own natural locks. You should shop around until you find your perfect color match and desired length and style. A good starting point is looking online; looking at different Instagram feeds and Pinterest accounts to find the look you are after. At you can find gorgeous hair eye candy inspiration.


    Glue in extensions:


    Glue in extensions is best left to the professionals. Be sure to find someone you are completely happy and comfortable with. Glue in extensions can more often than not damage your own natural hair, leaving your hair in a worse condition than when you started on your extension journey.




    wigs are a fun and funky way to change up your looks and styles in one go. One day you’re blonde and short, the next you’re long an ombre. Rechoo has a gorgeous supply of wigs, both short and long, straight or curly, solid color or ombre.


    A great choice of wig is the 360 synthetic lace front wig from Rechoo. This wig allows you to style and create your own customised wig. You can also create the clip in hairpieces and weaves from it too-how awesome.


    Synthetic vs Natural Hairpieces:


    Another thing to consider is whether you want synthetic hair or natural hairpieces. If budget is a concern for you then synthetic hair would be your obvious choice. Synthetic hair does not do well when heated so be sure to read all instructions very carefully when it comes to heating and styling methods. Another thing to consider with synthetic hairpieces is they do not wash well. The best way to keep them in tip-top condition is to brush them very gently after each time you wear them.


    Take care:


    Always remember that any type of hair extension needs lots and lots of TLC! It takes a great deal of time and effort keeping your hairpieces and wigs in tip-top and fabulous condition. Whether you have synthetic hairpieces or natural hairpieces, both need to be brushed gently on a regular basis. A natural hairpiece can be washed and styled and even colored. It is a good idea to take your hairpieces to your hairdresser and get them trimmed, washed and styled at the same time you do. Hairpieces have a life of their own.


    Here are steps on how to get that perfect high pony while wearing your clip in extensions.


    1. Make sure your hair is washed and blow-dried.


    1. Prepare your hair extensions as you normally would and attach them to your hair.


    1. Pull your hair altogether as high as you can at the back of your head and secure tightly with a hair elastic.


    1. If you would like to cover the hair elastic, take a strip of hair from the ponytail and wrap it tightly around the elastic band to cover it and secure it at the bottom with a slide in bobby pin.


    1. Depending on how sleek or messy you would like it, gently tug the hair on the top of your head to give you some height and volume as well as underneath. For a more sleek look, make sure your ponytail is as tight as possible and use gel or hairspray to tame those flyaway pieces.

    How to Style Clip in Hair Extensions

    How to Style Clip in Hair Extensions

    How to Style Clip in Hair Extensions

    Nowadays, hair extensions are a trendy procedure, because every girl dreams of long hair. The woman with long luxurious curls seems to be more charming and sexual. You can get a stylish and chic hairstyle at least for a few months with Rechoo if all the hair-care rules will be performed. Moreover, you can find more information concerning the point how to style clip in hair extensions on Rechoo website. Hair extension is a universal procedure that allows not only changing the length of your curls but also their volume, density, color, and structure.


    What Benefits Can You Get

    There are a number of problems that the hair extension procedure can handle:

    • strands extension can increase the volume of thin and rare hair;

    • If you want to change the image;

    • with an inability to grow own long hair;

    • to change the color without harm for natural hair (highlighting, coloring);

    • to create an original hairstyle on any occasion - rhinestones, cornrows or dreadlocks;

    • to hide head burns and injuries.


    Methods of Hair Extension

    The existing methods of hair extensions, in general, are divided into hot and cold. It is pointless to compare them because the quality of the procedures in both cases is very high. The choice of method will depend on the natural structure of the hair and on the desired result.

    Cold technologies include all the methods in which melted and heated joints are not used and the hair itself is not affected by the action of high temperatures. Such methods are the most suitable for owners of thin and weak hair. A cold extension gives a very strong connection at the points of combining yours and your donor's hair, but this procedure is the most difficult.

    English technology is based on a hot method. Strands are attached with organic gum. Fastening of hair is visually absolutely inconspicuous. The method does not damage hair, as the temperature of the material is low.



    Clip in hair extensions
    The women often ask how to style clip in hair extensions. Be creative, don’t be afraid of experiments!



    You'll look like a queen with such a magnificent hairdo. It is ideal for thick hair extensions. Prepare a hairpin, a comb, and an elastic band. Comb the hair carefully, separate the strand from the temple and fix it with a hair clip. It is recommended to slightly moisten the hair. Form three strands behind the right ear and do the weave towards the back of the head: put the lower strand under the middle, and again lower the strand under the middle and so on. The French method of weaving the braid is performed. Continue braiding to the left ear, the braid should form smoothly without moving up or down. After reaching the place in the left ear area, continue the weaving above the forehead. Perform a simple braid without grasping the hair from above. Fix the end of the braid and the beginning of the weave using the studs. You can attach a flower or a decorative hair clip.


    High tail

    Clip in hair extensions
    To perform this stylish hairstyle you won’t need any special skills. This hairdo alters your image, removes the hair, opens the face and visually adds a few centimeters to the growth. Form an ordinary tail and fix it with an elastic band. Choose thin and inconspicuous elastic. Pull the elastic, pass the end of the hair through the hole in the hair and fix it with the studs. Hide the tip in your hair. This hairstyle can easily be transformed into an evening version with the help of hairpins and lacquer.

    Where to Buy Good Synthetic Hair Extensions?

    Where to Buy Good Synthetic Hair Extensions?

    Where to Buy Good Synthetic Hair Extensions?

    synthetic wig

    Hair extensions have turned out to be a boon for so many women who don't like to compromise with their beauty. Women who struggle with hair fall, thinning of hair, lusterless hair and more uses differently shaded hair extensions to give their locks a perfect look. Hair extensions not only add length to your hair but also add up a certain volume also, which turns out to be a perfect setup for those with limp and thin hair. The hair extensions are easy to braid, you can use glue, clip-ins, or even weave. On the other hand, depending on the type of your hair extension, you can add different shades, color, and highlights also.


    Despite the fact that women can use hair extensions in so many ways, they still struggle to acquire the best quality hair extensions. Whenever asked the question about where to buy good synthetic hair extensions from, the only answer they got was from the nearest fashion store. Well, we are talking about your hair and using something of low-quality will make it more coarse and damaged. Thus, if you are considering using hair extension for a party but don’t know where to buy them from, don’t worry, there is a solution for every problem.


    When it comes to selling synthetic wigs, Rechoo is one of the most prominent organizations that deal with hair extensions of different types. Different individual has different hair types and thus, their taste is also different. You can avail synthetic hair extensions of different lengths, colors, and textures that suit your individual requirements.


    Why should you choose Rechoo?


    1. The hair extensions they provide are designed in such a manner that it becomes easier for the hair braiders or the user to easily braid it in a fast and effective way.


    1. If you are looking for a perfect synthetic hair extension, they can provide you with numerous styles of synthetic wigs and that too at a reasonable rate.


    1. From sugar synthetic wigs to vintage synthetic wigs and more, they provide with differently textured and styled hair extensions for the customers to choose from.


    1. Moreover, they can provide you hair extension depending on your hair type, that is; curls, coarse, straight, silky and more.


    1. The quality of the hair extension is not questionable as the synthetic wigs they provide are made with the top-quality material.


    1. As we know that different women have different styling sense and thus, they offer numerous wavy and curly patterns of wigs for those who have a soft corner for a wavy and curly hairstyle.


    Now, if you have got the answer to the question where to buy good synthetic hair extensions, let’s talk about some useful tips for hair extension for women.


    1. Instead of braided hair extension or glued hair extension, prefer clip-in hair extension:


    This is recommended regarding the safety of the hair. In case, when you are using braided hair extensions, you are braiding the hair extension with your natural hair. There is a possibility of your hair getting tangled. This way you have to spend some more time combing your hair in order to get it detangled. On the other hand, when you use glued hair extensions, you are gluing the synthetic hair with the roots of your real hair. If not taken out properly, the glue might get stick into the roots and may damage your hair. The simplest way use hair extension is to use clip-in hair extension. It is easier to braid in and easier to remove.


    1. Bored with using similar hair extension over and over? Go to a salon:


    This is a great option when you are bored with wearing similar hair extension over and over again. You can go to your nearest salon and ask your hair stylist to change its appearance by highlighting it, changing its color or cut it into a different pattern.

    How to Choose Good Clip in Hair Extensions

    How to Choose Good Clip in Hair Extensions

    Hair extensions have provided an opportunity for the women to add an extra bit of volume and length to their hair without waiting for them to grow. Hair extensions are a great choice to flaunt your locks but, if you want to place them successfully on your hair without damaging your original hair, you will require perfect clip in hair extensions. There are numerous synthetic hair extension designs and trends followed and according to the type of one’s natural, she must choose the clip-in hair extension. But the question is how to choose good clip in hair extensions? You can see many celebrities flaunting it perfectly, thus it is recommended that before buying yourself a clip in hair extension, you must consider it with your hair stylist or a professional as he/she will guide your way towards perfect locks.

    Choosing the right clip-in hair extension:

    Here are some of the things that you must consider before getting yourself a clip-in hair extension as there are numerous factors that will come into the play for making your extension look more fluent and sturdy.

    To make the hair extension look realistic, the type of your natural hair must be known:

    The answer to your question how to choose good clip in hair extensions lies at this point. In order to attain perfect match, you must first know your hair type. This is the most crucial part of choosing the right hair extension. The most difficult thing to do while placing the hair extension is to make it look natural. You can only achieve it by two factors, the first one depends on the quality of the hair extension and the second one depends on how you place it. For a quality clip-in hair extension, you can visit Rechoo. Here you can find some of the best quality hair extensions of all types including synthetic hair extensions, 360 synthetic lace frontal, Remy hair extensions and more. Perfectly installing it, you can take consultation from an experienced personnel or hair stylist.

    Always go for the human hair:

    It is necessary that while choosing the perfect clip-in hair extension, the type of it must be always considered. Human hair is bet prescribed for attaining perfect locks due to its natural texture. Visit Rechoo to see the Human hair extension design collection. The synthetic hair, on the other hand, is more fragile and is recommended not to be used in hot and humid conditions. It will lead to damage your natural hair. Using human hair extension will make sure that you look all natural. Also, human hair has the durability to last longer in comparison to synthetic hair.

    Instead of virgin hair prefer Remy hair:

    As you might know the difference between the Remy hair and virgin hair, Remy hair is the natural hair treated and processed with hair products and chemicals. And, virgin hair is all natural and not a single drop of chemical is used in it. But, the reason to choose Remy hair is that, even after all the chemical treatments, the hair still maintains its luster and it is processed in such a way that the roots and tips are kept straight. It is a perfect choice for clip-in hair extension and you won’t be concerned about getting it into the water or the hair getting tangled.

    The hair extension must match the color of your natural hair:

    It is one of the biggest mistakes people make while buying themselves a clip-in hair extension. To make your look all natural, you are required to get yourself a hair extension that matches your natural hair color. There are several colored hair extensions available and it is important for you to pick the right shade as it will give your locks low-lights and simultaneously adds weight and depth to your hair.